The Impact of a Visionary

 A Visionary carries the  spirit that seeks change for the better…and like a river flows into an  ocean, the community-wide scope of a Visionary can spread across a  nation…even the world! It can start at one level, and ripple outward  like the stone hitting a body of water. 

— Siri Hibbler, Founder, FODVC 

your investment helps us to serve these clients and others

Workforce Development


Through your generous donation, we are able to provide Life Skills, Career Development and Financial Literacy  programs for returning citizens, homeless individuals,  youth, young adults, disabled and low-income individuals.  Since our launch in 2013, we have assisted thousands of individuals with locating sustainable employment in various industries -- skilled and unskilled .  Our success is attributed to the proprietary  training programs we provide, employee retention coaching and mentoring  sessions, and employer partnerships.

Homeless Prevention


Our founder has a tremendous passion for the homeless as this is a  situation that she could relate to personally.  She also found herself along with her teen daughter without a home and place to live after a job loss, and ultimately, the loss of her home.  She now works six days a week helping individuals and families locate emergency, transitional and permanent housing through Field of Dreams Visionary Center.  

FODVC, provides housing assistance to approximately, 400  individuals and families per month -- 99% who are homeless and/or returning citizens.  

We assist clients in securing permanent housing in subsidized and affordable units in some of the best neighborhoods of Chicago, such as, Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast areas.  We also assist with housing options in other counties within Illinois and U.S cities.

Employment Placement


Through our local and national partnerships with employers and staffing firms, we have successfully placed individuals, including ex-offenders, who have come through the career success program, into full-time positions, with full benefits. Our number one goal is employment retention, which is why we provide life-time job coaching sessions for our clients.

We provide employers with general laborers and skilled professionals in the areas of Warehouse support,  IT, Analytics,  Marketing, Creative, Clinical, Engineering and Sales.  We also  provide workers for Construction, Maintenance,  Customer Service and Home Care. 

In addition to placing workers with our employer partners, Field of Dreams also offer graduates of the program, employment opportunities within our residential and commercial cleaning company (Aquarian New Age Cleaning)  where they are able to obtain full and part-time positions.



Increasing entrepreneurship in under-served communities, can decrease  poverty, violence and homelessness.  With the support of our donors,  FODVC provides entrepreneur training courses for individuals ages 10  through adult along with access to start-up and expansion capital, and  incubators.  

In addition to helping individuals launch and grow enterprises, we also provide small and mid-size  businesses with executive coaching sessions, business plan development, certifications and funding sources.  Participants also network with buyers from corporate enterprise companies at the various seminars and conferences hosted by Field of Dreams and our partner agencies.


Youth Programs


Through our Club NO! Youth Foundation's Fresh Start program for youth ages 13 through 24,  students are encouraged to say NO to drugs, guns, gangs and violence, and yes  to higher education.  The fresh-start program provides at-risk youth with leadership skills, conflict resolution techniques,  violence prevention techniques, behavioral counseling, my brother/my  sister mentorship programs (MBMS), job readiness workshops, training in television and film production, script writing and editing.  Students also participate in the science, technology, engineering  and math program (STEM), as well as our Youth That Code 2050 (YTC) program.


Transportation and Care Bags


With your generous donation, we are able to provide participants with transportation to job sites locally and within the surrounding suburban areas of Chicago.  We are currently in need of additional passenger vans that will be driven by licensed and skilled drivers. 

In addition, all graduates of Field of Dreams 5 week career success/workforce development program receives Back-Packs filled with items for personal hygiene, warmth, food items and resources.  Your donation allows us to provide these much needed care packages for homeless families and individuals.